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The MPS Group not only develops and administers certificates; it also carries out certification itself. Growers can also go to MPS for various courses in this specialised field. Growers’ having to meet strict requirements of retailers is nothing new. Increasing numbers of trading companies are also being expected to operate with respect for people and the environment. MPS has specially developed certificates for the trade of cut flowers and foliage.
The Fair Flowers Fair Plants label allows growers to show to the outside world that they exercise sustainable business practices and that they are in compliance with laws and regulations. Before certification can be awarded, company practices are tested against a number of criteria Important issues are related to the environment and personnel, such as working conditions, hygiene and safety.
SAI has a goal to improve labour conditions worldwide, including in developing countries. Moreover, by obtaining their SA8000 certification you can improve your market access to Europe. Although SA8000 standard is not legally required, you can gain competitive advantage by demonstrating commitment towards socially and environmentally ethical standards. Benefits of SA8000 certification include enhancing your company’s reputation, qualify to your customer requirements, improving product quality due to enhanced work environment.
The Nordic Ecolabel is a voluntary ecolabelling scheme that evaluates a product’s impact on the environment throughout the whole life cycle. The label guarantees among other things that climate requirements are taken into account, and that CO2 emissions (and other harmful gasses) are limited . The Nordic Ecolabel trademark is an effective and simple marketing tool that is a guarantee that products have fulfilled stringent environmental and climate criteria.
The Max Havelaar foundation is an independent non-profit organisation that licenses the use of the Fairtrade Certification Mark on products in accordance with internationally agreed Fairtrade standards. Your company can benefit by obtaining this mark to show the world that your copmany supports the sustainable development of small producers and agricultural workers in the poorer countries in the world.
Rainforest Alliance certification encourages farmers to grow crops and manage ranchlands sustainably. Through a four-year-long process of research, experimentation and field trials, the Rainforest Alliance and its partners in the Sustainable Agriculture Network, a consortium of leading environmental groups in Latin America, developed standards for responsible flower and fern farm management. The standards protect ecosystems and wildlife habitats, conserve water and soil, promote decent and safe working conditions and ensure that farms are good neighbours to rural communities and wildlands.
FSI is an international platform that works towards a sustainable floriculture sector by providing incentives and tools for its members. Partners of FSI are among others retailers, tade associations, growers, certification bodies like GSCP (Global Social Compliance Programme), and ITC (International Trade Centre) and IDH (the Sustainable Trade Initiative). By working together under the umbrella of FSI, participants benefit from a clear sustainability agenda, drafted for and with the sector. Trade and wholesale organizations will see an increase in market uptake and gain from alignment and harmonization of different system requirements.
Through the Trade for Development Centre in Belgium, exporters can access information on fair and sustainable trade, the evolution of these market and potential importers.
When exporting to Sweden, The Open Trade Gate Sweden can help you to get acquainted with the current requirements and regulations, and overcome many of the obstacles that you might encounter with procedures and legislation.
Through projects in Sub Saharan Africa, Iraq, Pakistan and Indonesia the capacity of the local chamber of commerce in Sweden and business networks will be broadened. Moreover, Chamber Trade Sweden offers Market Information regarding exports to Sweden.
The BiD Network can provide you with assistance in developing a succesful enterprise, including finance and developing a business plan. On their website you can find useful material like business plan templates and other guides, information contacts and links.
The Association of the Swiss flower wholesale traders and importers can help DC exports by, bringing them in contact with wholesale traders, providing information about the Swiss flower market and helping to establish a smooth import process.
BRO represents trade with flowers and has as members importers, wholesale and retail. BRO represents about 70% by all trade with flowers in Sweden.
BGI can help exporters from DC countries to getting to know trade partners in Germany and DC can obtain Information on the German flower sector. BGI works together with the various flower export association from DC countries coming from countries such as Colombia and Ivory Coast.
The purpose of DanskePrydplanter (Danish Ornamental Plants) is to service and advise members within the areas of production and marketing and also to take care of the interests of the members as well as the industry in terms of authorities and other industries nationally and internationally. Today the members of the association account for the greater part of the sales of pot plants from Danish nurseries. Cultivating new markets and maintenance of existing ones require a lot of resources from the individual company. Therefore Danish Ornamental Plants offers a number of service functions from which the members can benefit and thus do not need to spend resources on e.g. credit rating, product liability insurances, marketing, retrieval of market information etc. Moreover, the association is in charge of a number of export promotion activities being of advantage for the members. You can find a member list on the website among other information about promotion activities.
The VGB provides information about the Dutch floriculture wholesale, marketing and distribution channels and key developments. The VGB has extensive knowledge of the floricultural sector. Furthermore the VGG has an extensive network in the floricultural sector. The Dutch floriculture wholesaler’s source products from many countries and export all over the world and as such provide a major sales channel for cut flowers.
Individual companies can become affiliate members of Union Fleurs. They benefit from a wide range of services and advantages enabling them to get a grip on the many challenges that face the floriculture trade. Members receive regular news and information on international regulatory developments that might impact the floriculture trade. This is shared online (via their website www.unionfleurs.com and Facebook) and quarterly newsletters available for members. You can exchange of views and expertise with the other Union Fleurs members. Also you can obtain the Information on the floriculture market in the AIPH annual yearbook. It provides you with networking opportunities and access to a multilingual Brussels-based office for fast answers to key questions on policies and regulations related to the floriculture trade.
Nationale Vereniging van Exporteurs en Handelaars in Sierteeltproducten (NAVEX)
This organization represented the interests of the wholesalers of floricultural products in Belgium.
The AVBS looks after the general policy with respect to the horticultural matters as a whole. Furthermore it develops activities that focus on defending the social and financial interests of the members, it gives information and training and helps with the promotion of the members’ products. It can provide market information, connect you to partner import organisations or relevant exhibitions.
VMS is positioning itself as a center for sustainable business in Flanders where floriculture companies are guided by a roadmap to a future-oriented, socially responsible business. VMS also collaborates with other organizations for a sustainable floriculture in Flanders for example with MPS form The Netherlands.
This organisation helps wholesale and export organisations with market studies, phytosanitary regulations, new policies and custom regulations and labour issues.
The Department of international Trade Cooperation (DTIC) offers market information, market access, company matching and capacity training.
The Swedish Association of Agents is a membership organization with the task of facilitating the international trade for small and medium-sized businesses. Our members are mainly agents, suppliers and distributors operating in many exciting fields. Through national and international networks, trade fairs, training, professional activities, lobbying, and membership services, they work to both on short and long term improve the everyday life and profitability of their members. They can provide information about the Swedisch retail industry. Their members could be potential trading partners.
The free trade in ornamental plant products is one of the spearheads of AIPH and is realised via exchange of knowledge and experience. The exchanges take place during meetings at the annual Congress and during theme sessions.
Six standing committees operate within the AIPH in respective fields of breeders’ rights, the environment, recognition of international horticultural exhibitions and statistics. AIPH is an organisation that unites organisations of professional growers of ornamentals and landscapers. Only this type of organisations can apply for AIPH membership. It’s website gives information about exhibitions all over the world, there achievements and you can order the statistical yearbook. On the website you can find more benefits of a membership of your representative body for you.
The VBN is the trade organization for Dutch cooperative flower auctions. In this role, the VBN is responsible for representing the interests of Dutch flower auctions at the national and European levels. Through this site you can find all (product)codes you need for trading in flowers and plants. You can download product specification, check-lists, maturity photo or thickness sorting photo’s that allows you to meet the correct product deliveries to the auction.
The Dutch Agricultural Wholesale Board / Flowers and Plants is the knowledge centre for the flower trade in the Netherlands. The core business of our board is to provide information about and services to our sector, to promote the knowledge of our sector and to mediate between partners in the sector. You can find trade statistic on the website, and gives credit management information. The Wholesale Board also produces a list of dubious buyers on a regular basis. And if you are looking for a new business partner the board can mediate.
The Greenport Holland International Foundation (GHI) is an independent organisation, founded by private companies in the Dutch horticultural sector. It’s a horticultural partnership of the Dutch private sector, knowledge institutes and government. GHI’s mission is to enhance the quality of international horticulture through successful international horticultural projects.GHI is mainly focussing their attention on China, Russia, India and South Africa. They also maintain an overview of possible new markets which might be an addition to businesses.
The Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) is the trade association for the UK garden industry. It is dedicated to helping develop the industry and its member businesses, including most garden centres and other garden retailers, growers, landscapers, manufacturers and suppliers. It provides business support, market information, promotion and events and gives information about press leases and there government lobbying activities.
FITA has through its members and experience a fast network of quality importers and customers in the UK. The contact details of these importers are published on their website.
HPP Exhibitions work together with the local flower associations, or governmental departments to promote the local farms within country pavilions on exhibitions all over the globe. At the Trade Fair, DC exporters can meet with buyers representing all segments of the industry, expand your current customer base and develop new channels of business. Furthermore there are networking opportunities and companies and people are able to teach and learn from one another.
HPP Exhibitions work together with the local flower associations, or governmental departments to promote the local farms within country pavilions on exhibitions all over the globe. At the Trade Fair, DC exporters can meet with buyers representing all segments of the industry, expand your current customer base and develop new channels of business. Furthermore there are networking opportunities and companies and people are able to teach and learn from one another.
At the Trade Fair, DC exporters can establish business contacts and consolidate existing ones. They all so can obtain information about technological and product innovations, find new market opportunities and can develop new channels of business
Exporters from developing countries benefit from their participation on the Horti Fair or Greentech by showing their products to the world and at the same time being exposed to all innovations available in the Horticultural sector. Visiting the Horti Fair or Greentech is a good way of getting state-of-the-art information on technological and product innovation, and familiarizing your business with the European flower market and marketing concepts.
Florissimo is an international flower show held in the city of Dijon, France. It features exhibits from French and non-French cities, botanical gardens, agricultural schools, and private corporations. A new exhibition is planned for the period 19 to 29 March 2015.
The Salon du Végétal is the French trade show for the flowers and plants industry. Around 550 international exhibitors will be presenting a wide range of plants in Angers from 17 to 19 February 2015. Around 15,000 trade visitors are expected. It is a annual meeting point for professionals from the flowers and plants industry (growers, nurserymen, landscapers, parks and gardens, florists, garden centre managers or supermarket sector workers, etc.) that you can bring you new insights on the French market or new business partners.
The IGW is the largest international exhibition for the food, agricultural and horticultural industries in Europe. Visitor Target Groups are consumers from Germany and neighbouring countries, food industry representatives, wholesalers, retailers, caterers, agricultural importers; international specialists from all fields of agriculture, forestry, horticulture and commercial fishing; agricultural policy and administration experts.
The annual Iber flora is a good exhibition to get to know the current state of the sector in Spain. Flowers and plants, garden and technical innovations are presented.
This is the largest flower market in Switzerland with the widest range of cut flowers, plants, floristry accessories and gardening supplies. On the market there are over 200 suppliers and collaborations with shop-in-shop partners. They focus on domestic production, but in addition, they also rely on direct import.
Flowers & HorTech Ukraine is the most important international exhibition for the flowers business, horticultural technology, nurseries, landscape design and floristry in Ukraine. It is the appropriate place to meet new business partners, update your market-information and handle sales-agreements personally. Almost 100 companies from 15 different countries have chosen the exhibition as their platform to start or expand their business activities in Ukraine (2013). Because of the present situation the 2014 edition is cancelled.
New Convent Garden Market is the largest fruit, vegetable and flower market in the UK. With over 200 businesses, employing over 2,500 people, the Market supplies 40% of fresh fruit & vegetables eaten outside of the home in London and is used by 75% of London florists. They have a large range of different types of food and flower businesses serving London’s best restaurants, cafés, schools, hospitals, florists and retail markets, amongst others. The website gives you information on what companies are located at the market, events, news and trends on the UK market.
This exhibition gives you an annual opportunity to meet existing customers and target new business in the UK and overseas. 99% of Garden Centre Association members attend Glee, representing the top garden centres in the UK. Over 58% of buyers have a spending power of more than £50,000 making Glee a highly cost-effective platform to produce leads for the upcoming season. 59.6% of visitors attend Glee to source new products or suppliers.
Four Oaks is a commercial horticultural show. Plants are the most prominent feature of the show, accounting for over 50% of exhibiting companies, with associated supplies and services from production to point-of-sale. Exhibits will include a wide range of glasshouse equipment and machinery from seeders and handling equipment to fully automated transplanting systems. Over 30% of participating companies will be from overseas. The visitor profile includes commercial growers / grower retailers, garden centres, multiple retailers, farm shops, landscapers & architects, garden designers, local authorities and florists. The show is a combination of business and social activity, but above all it is a buyers show, which is particularly attractive to the grower retailer and the independent garden centres.
Flora Holland serves as a major trade platform from which DC exporters can benefit. FloraHolland attracts (inter)national trade flows by providing a wide range of services. It brings together supply and demand, has sophisticated logistical, financial and ICT processes. It can provide market knowledge, promoting interests, development of chain-wide logistic and quality innovations and chain cooperation.
Comicent, MERCATO DEI FIORI DI PESCIA is a wholesale market place in Pescia. You can find market prices and names of the companies that do business on the website.